SBE Series Sand Blasting Machine

sand blasting

Delicate and Precise Finishes Suction Feed:


Suction fed cabinets are generally selected for light – to medium production requirements and limited space. A  Suction feed system uses a venturi siphoning action to draw the media into the compressed air stream within the gun nozzle itself. One pass of the nozzle removes foreign matter in seconds and quickly produces a clean uniform surface finish. The use of a media cyclone separator is optional with suction feed systems.

Controlled Power Pressure Feed:


Designed for speed, giving faster cleaning times (up to four times faster than venture system) to meet higher production requirements, pressure feed cabinets are excellenet for emoving tough hard scale deposits particularly within hard-to-reach recessed areas and complex shapes.

The use of pressure vessel forces a flow of media to the blast nozzle at high impact velocities this is particularly important where dense metallic grits are used to impart deep etching prior to bonding or coating

Technical Specification:

Internal Blast Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) mm1400x1000x1100100x540x715800x500x600600x500x500
Cabinet Overall Height (mm)2400170016001500
Side Door(WxH) mm1000x1000800x600600x600500x500
Front/Top Door (WxH) mm-500x600500x500500x400
Dust Collectoroptionalstandardstandardstandard
Motor Power2.2 KW1.5 KW0.75 KW0.75 KW
Air Flow11 m³/min11 m³/min11 m³/min7 m³/min
Filter Air9.3 m²3.2 m²1.8 m²1.8 m²
Filter typeFabricFabricFabricFabric
Filter Clamping SystemManual Shake/
Pulse Air
Manual Shake/
Pulse Air
Manual ShakeManual Shake

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