Core Shooter GH Series

core shooter
GH Series Core Shooter
core shooting
Horizontal parting corebox
core box
Vertical parting corebox

Technical Specifications:

GH series cold box core shooterGH 3GH 5GH 12
Maximum core box size (mm)300x150x200350x150x250450x200x300
Maximum core weight (kg)3512
Core Box partingVertical/HorizontalVertical/HorizontalVertical/Horizontal
Cycle times maximum (seconds)606060
Core box clampingPneumaticPneumaticPneumatic/Hydraulic
Amine gas generatorDuel pressureDuel pressureDuel pressure

Operating sequence:

  1. Manually place the core box
  2. Sand gate open and close by push pull valve
  3. horizontal clamp close
  4. Table up
  5. Shooting
  6. Table down
  7. Position the gas mag
  8. Table up
  9. Gassing on
  10. Table down
  11. Gas mag pull out
  12. Manually remove the core boxCustum build to your need


  • Core box clamping – Hydraulic
  • Control – PLC
  • Enclosure

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