Gravity Die Casting Machine


Tiltable gravity die casting :

This process is used for casting low melting point material such as aluminium, copper and magnesium. By pouring the metal in tilted position of the die, the feed rate is reduced. This decreases turbulance and foaming of liquid metal. Tilting helps in smooth flow of metal in the die, thus oxidation is reduced considerably. Using sand cores complex geometries can be casted. The resulting cast has high surface finsih and close tolerance.


Technical Specifications:

S NoSpecificationsGDC –HP-60x40GDC 80x50GDC 100x70
1Die plate size max (mm)600x400x400 800x500x4001000x700x500
2Day light (mm)8508501000
3Ram cylinder stroke (mm)500600700
4Clamping force8600 kgf8600 kgf8600 kgf
5Mold weight400 kg1000 kg1200 kg
6Tilting speed8 Sec8 Sec8 Sec


  1. Auto/manual operation
  2. Die temperature interface
  3. Proportional Tilting
  4. Electrical enclose panel

Optional: Manual  swing in casting catcher

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