Gravity Die Casting Machine


Tiltable gravity die casting :

This process is used for casting low melting point material such as aluminium, copper and magnesium. By pouring the metal in tilted position of the die, the feed rate is reduced. This decreases turbulance and foaming of liquid metal. Tilting helps in smooth flow of metal in the die, thus oxidation is reduced considerably. Using sand cores complex geometries can be casted. The resulting cast has high surface finsih and close tolerance.


Technical Specifications:

Die Plate: 520 mm x 700 mm
Max. Tilting Angle: 90┬░


  • Two variable speed available.
  • Speed and tilting angle freely ┬áselectable
  • Tilt pouring most modern technology up to the fully automatic operation.
  • Improvement of quality and economy due to utilization of the technological possibilities.
  • Special design upon request.

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